Forging new frontiers of development

A platform to say thank you to personalities and organizations making Africa worth living

The categories are as follows

1. Business Icon of the Year - African whom through his/her business(es) have been able to create wealth for host communities, people and government of such business environment, and indeed Africa. 

2. Entrepreneurial Icon of the Year - African whom through his/her entrepreneurial acumen have been able to empower young people within his/her immediate environment and also across Africa. 

3. Sports Icon of the Year - African whom through sports have been a source of inspiration to Africans and one who also has through sport projected positively his/her country and Africa at large. 

4. Entertainment Icon of the Year - African whom through entertainment has touched the very soul of Africa. Arts, skills and crafts that have inspired other Africans to greatness. 

5. Literary Icon of the Year - African whom his/her writing prowess has taken Africa to global reckoning. A writer who has written books and editorials that have become classics. A literary giant that through his/her writing, has birthed many other young writers in the process

6. Young Entrepreneurial Icon of the Year - A young African who started and grew his/her business from the scratch and has become a multi-million dollar business and enterprise, thereby becoming a major provider of employment in such business environment. 

7. African Icon of the Year - African whom has been phenomenal in his/her immediate environment. Such African would have demonstrated a very high level of quality leadership and business acumen combined. African whom by major standards have broken barriers and virtually created a path for others to follow. 

Three (3) posthumous awards would be given out each year to legends and personalities upon whose shoulders Africa rose to reckoning and developed into what she is today. The contributions of these personalities cannot be overemphasized and must be seen to be rewarded each year.